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Welcome to HaloFisioterapi, where We really care about your health and committed to providing professional physiotherapy services.

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Halofisioterapi brings the best physiotherapy services directly to your home. We are dedicated to help you recover quickly and get back to enjoying life without limitations.

Homecare Physiotherapy

Halofisioterapi available on Denpasar, Badung and surrounding areas. We bring our medical devices directly to your home. So, you can experience the benefits of physiotherapy with comfort and convenience without having to leave your home.

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Get the best physiotherapy experience with Halofisioterapi. Schedule your session today and start the journey to a life without limitations.

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Top features for your convenience

Fisioterapis Profesional

All of our physiotherapists have graduated from physio profession and have official licenses as trusted physiotherapists.

Affordable Prices

We believe that quality physiotherapy services do not have to be expensive. We offer affordable prices without lowering on service quality.

Convinience Services

Your ultimate comfort. By providing one on one services, our health workers focus on your specific needs.


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Please contact us via whatsapp or our social media to get consultation and advice regarding physiotherapy treatment.



After consulting with us, set a schedule for when our physiotherapist can come to your location to provide treatment.



Please make payment via bank or another payment method.


Physiotherapy Treatment

Our physiotherapist will come to your location and enjoy your session

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What our patients say

Their experiences after physiotherapy sessions with HaloFisioterapi

I'm incredibly grateful for the support I received through Halofisioterapi homecare services. Dealing with back problems that limited my mobility has been a challenge. However, after undergoing several physiotherapy sessions, I experienced a remarkable transformation. The team of health professionals at Halofisioterapi impressed me with their professionalism and friendly demeanor. They tailored the treatments to address my specific requirements, which made a noticeable difference. My heartfelt thanks go out to Halofisioterapi!
John O'Shea
Badung, Bali
I'm absolutely delighted with the physiotherapy services I've received from Halofisioterapi. The expertise of their medical staff is truly impressive, and their care is incredibly professional. What's even better is that I can receive treatment in the comfort of my own home, which adds to my overall sense of ease and convenience.
Michelle Mona
Denpasar, Bali

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